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This section of the website tells you all you need to know about LPG from what it is, its uses and how to use it safely.

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For safety advice when using LPG at home, in the garden or out and about, please visit the safety area. 

If you would like more information on LPG suppliers, or want to find out how to switch to a new domestic supplier, please visit the supplier area, for bulk and cylinder suppliers.

To find out what to do with empty LPG cylinders, please click visit the cylinder supply and return section.

For advice and information on LPG autogas, please click visit the LPG as a transport fuel section.

We have also listed a number of commonly asked FAQs but if you need more information, particularly about your own installation please speak to your LPG supplier. Please remember we are not a consumer organisation and are unable to answer individual queries.

To view our Codes of Practice or other factsheets, please visit our resources area.

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